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Fog and Glass

Status: Seeking Agent

Cicely Marchand is tired of her family’s itinerant merchant life—of not having a home, not having friends, and never getting a moment’s privacy. A new job and her very own apartment are waiting for her after one last journey to a mountaintop castle. Except, she hasn’t told her family yet. When they arrive at Caer Ardenn, Cicely is devastated to learn they’ll be staying the winter. The vision she had of a new life disintegrates.

Cicely must find her place in the castle, even as tensions with her family rise. She soon meets a captivating stranger, with whom she shares a deep connection. But Gavril isn’t what he seems. Afflicted with a generations-old curse, he seeks the legendary witch said to lurk in the deepest caverns of the mountain.

As Cicely’s family fractures, she is drawn into a world of magic and mystery. With the help of her new friends, they must break Gavril’s curse before it’s too late.

Comments from beta readers:

This was so beautifully visual I felt like I was there… I loved the ending!  I needed a tissue!  You wrote it so well that the emotions seemed so real to me… You’ve incorporated so many life lessons about love, family, compassion, faithfulness and more… a worthwhile read…

-Kate M.

This story was awesome! You built an amazing and very tangible world for your characters… I feel like I knew all of them and I especially loved the group of friends that you created…

-Michael H.


Status: Revising and Rewriting

Ghosts. Romance. Mayan Ruins.

Title: TBD

Status: Plotting

Redwoods. Ecology. Love.

Photo by Jason Hollinger with minor edits.

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