Short Story: The Night Harvest

No one ever returned. None before. None after. Just him. Until now. A figure exploded from the edge of the forest, scattering twigs and scraps of mist. Donafel let out a sharp breath, a plume of condensation. Ghostly antlers crowned the figure’s head and, for a moment, the familiar terror gripped him. But no—the antlersContinue reading “Short Story: The Night Harvest”

Flash Fiction: Lunacy

Cool air slinks between the blankets, startling goosebumps from my skin. Tarek must have opened the window sometime in the night. I reach across the bed, expecting to feel his warm, bare shoulder. My hand meets cooling sheets. On the nightstand, my phone buzzes and I jolt. The sound claws away the hush of theContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Lunacy”